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Voicing: SATB and piano, or Cambiata (CCBar) and piano

Duration: 4'21"


This song was composed during the Covid-19 lockdown originally for ‘cambiata’ choir, i.e. a choir for boys with changing voices. Inspired by remarks made on social media by Martin Ashley, of Boys Keep Singing, I was looking forward specifically to a time when boys, who might have still been trebles when the pandemic hit, will be able to sing with others again, albeit now with voices that have begun to change.


I later arranged and filled it out to create a version of the work suitable for all SATB mixed choirs.


The idea of the song is to acknowledge the multiplicity of sadness and tragedy represented by, in this case, a global pandemic, and yet to provide a sense of hope and consolation.


A moving-score video is available - select the final image above.


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