Voicing: 3-part cambiata choir (CCBar) and piano

Duration: 3' 52"


This song was composed during the Covid-19 lockdown specifically for ‘cambiata’ choir, i.e. a choir for boys with changing voices. It is available free of charge by entering the code FREE at the checkout).


Inspired by remarks made on social media by Martin Ashley, of Boys Keep Singing, I was looking forward specifically to a time when boys, who might have still been trebles when the pandemic hit, will be able to sing with others again, albeit now with voices that have begun to change.


The idea of the song is to acknowledge the multiplicity of sadness and tragedy represented by, in this case, a global pandemic, and yet to provide a sense of hope and consolation.


Vocal ranges

The vocal lines in this work are restricted to a range of no more than a minor sixth.

Cambiata I - A3 to F4

Cambiata II - G3 to D4

Baritone - D3 to A3

Consolation (Free PDF)

  • Digital format only: PDF files and accompanying licences are usually emailed out within a few hours.

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