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Working with Ian


Choral singers rightly cherish the familiar classics.


But there's nothing like the excitement and immediacy of working with a composer to inspire singers to even greater heights, whether it's exploring an existing work with the composer in a workshop, or even being part of the creative process itself through a commission.

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Whether preparing a work for performance, or holding a come-and-sing, spending some time on a piece in the company of the composer is an exciting way to enthuse and energise singers.


Ian is an entertaining, and inspirational workshop leader who is happy to come and work with your group and share his experience and insights.

Contact me for more information.


Commissioning a new work, whether a short a cappella piece, or a large-scale work for choir and orchestra is probably easier and more affordable than you think, and it can be a wonderfully positive experience for a choir to have a piece specially written for them and to give the first performance. 


Groups commision new music for all sorts of reasons. For example: to mark a special occasion or anniversary; to fill a gap within a planned programme; to give the group an exciting project; Whatever the excuse, it will certainly enhance the group's reputation to be seen as a supporter of contemporary music.


The cost of a commission depends on the length and complexity of the work, and is open to negotiation. Even if your group's reserves aren't quite up to funding the work you want there may well be external sources of funds, such as grants from trusts, as well as fundraising opportunities within the group, that can help considerably.

Contact Ian  and we'll arrange a time for an initial no-obligation chat to explore ideas. You might know exactly what you are after, or you might want to throw around a few thoughts first; it's all good. You will also want to have some idea of your budget and timescale in mind.

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